Posted: September 17th, 2017

A comparison of Early Years’ Education Management in the UK and Nigeria.

Research Aim: The aim of this research is to compare and contrast early years’ education management strategy in the UK and Nigeria.

Research Objectives
1) To investigate the importance of management theory in relation to management practices in early years schooling in the UK and Nigeria.

2) To investigate the relative influence of stakeholders (school employees, community, parents, government etc.) in determining actual management policies and strategies.

3) To analyse the extent of how quality in education can be measured and managed.

4) To examine the impact of implementing short and long-term management strategies in an early years school Nigeria.

Research Questions
There are a few questions that need to be asked in this research such as
• If any, what sort of contribution does management have on Education?
• What are the main differences between Early Years Education Management in the UK and Nigeria? If any?
• What is the role of Management in early years education? A comparative study of the UK and Nigeria.

– Research method is primary and secondary,
– this is a qualitative research
– research philosophy is interpretivism and reasoning is inductive.
– research strategy is comparative and exploratory research
– Data analysis is thematic analysis
– primary research used a judgement sampling method and interviewed two early years school head teachers in Nigeria and UK respectively making a total of 4 interviews.
please make a note of any other data analysis method you use if not already mentioned in the bullet points above.
please send me a message if you are unclear about anything.
Also, your independent thoughts and ideas should reflect in the body of work through your critical analysis and comparisons between the two countries.
In the final section of the findings discuss what did the interview conclude about and how does this link to the research.
Please use Harvard referencing and also include the page number/s of the sources in the reference list therefore All references must have page numbers.
Thank you

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