Posted: January 28th, 2021

A digital pitch for a new, or re-branded fashion business

Assessment 2: Digital Project The digital project is the practical, industry-focused element of this module. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your creative and digital skills, originality, and professionalism. You will have the opportunity to formulate and apply your fashion trend predictions to produce an informed brand focused response to those predictions.Formulate and develop your own fashion trend predictions, based on one of the following scenarios: • A digital pitch for a new, or re-branded fashion business• A digital pitch detailing your future projections of consumer habits for a particular brand• A digital project of your choice (to be agreed in collaboration with your tutor)This submission will be informed by your illustrative assignment but should be significantly different, with the focus here of contextualizing your trend and applying it to a new or existing brand outcome, product or process in a cohesive and convincing way. You should also apply your new understanding of branding, developed in your fashion brands module to inform this submission element. This will take the form of a stakeholder website, that will be presented to industry standards using a digital content management system of your choice (WordPress, Wix etc).

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