Posted: September 17th, 2017

A report: on strategic operations. Addressing issues using topics covered through. TeXT: Operations and Process Management.Principles and Practive for Strategic Impact; Slack, Brandon-Jones, Johnston & Betts 3rd Ed

Aged care facility. 65 beds. 1 of 10 owned by not for profit organisation. This facility has a Low income and manager has been moved to make changes. Difficulty in maintaining occupancy, unable to attract funded beds primarily concessional beds. Funding is tight at times staffing is limited. Staffing is difficult to retain, due to competitive employment opportunities. Currently setting up a strategy to uplift funding (called ACFI) benchmarks (nationwide)is $206 per resident per bed day currently sitting at $154 per resident per bed day. Goal to have 100% occupancy currently at 94%. personally showing rooms to potential funded residents to improve opportunity for funded beds. 53 bed of the 65 beds are concessional. Goal to drop to 40 leaving 15 beds for funded beds (Bonds/RADs). Change the set up of the facility to evenly spread the work load for staff so all high care residents are not in one section causing increased stress related to work load, offering incentives for staff retention. Aim: Increase funding, occupancy, retain staff, increase customer satisfaction with improved quality service delivery. Spread work load evenly regarding resident care needs. Currently very high care residents in two wings, low in one wing and mixed in one wing. Work load in mixed wing most successful, improved staff retention and less work cover claims.
Assignment question: Looking at operational management of Process, Design and Analysis as follows:
Important must be in Report format.
Describe the organisation, brief. Descibe the specific operational issue, problem, that needs to be addressed. In order to help explain how the issue problem affect the organisation you might want to include *a chart or flow diagram to show the functional relationship of the issue. *Key objective and purpose of the operation including your opinion of its current ideal performance. * Opportunities for change and improvement to the process being used. * source implication or constraints to be considered. *technologies /manpower issues. Analyse the issue using a concept covered. (Process, Design and Analysis) The analysis should be the major content of the report. When analysing the issue you should consider *the five main performance objective of operations management * changes to performance or outcomes such as cost, output, quality, productivity* Potential improvement that could be made, * relevant theory calculations and any information related to costs.
Format: Title Page
Exec summary
3. Heading
7. Recommendations
Ref List

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