Posted: September 17th, 2017

Accessing interview transcripts for Part B of the qualitative assignment

Accessing interview transcripts for Part B of the qualitative assignment
For Part B of the qualitative assignment you need to use three interview transcripts from the group you are a member of. To access these transcripts, go to the Groups section of StudySpace and click on the sign-up sheet for your group. Scroll down to Group Tools and click on File Exchange. Here you will see upwards of 19 transcripts, all of which you can download.
You can use any of the transcripts in your group for your Part B assignment. Although it is up to you which three you choose, note the following:
•    In order to code the transcripts, you will need to be able to annotate them with your chosen codes. This can be easier with MS Word documents than it is with PDFs, so you may want to avoid using the latter.
•    You will already know your own interview really well, so you might find it helpful to include yours as one of the three you work with.
•    When choosing the three interviews you will use, bear in mind that you will be using them in the following ways:
1.    to showthat you are aware of (and can recognise) the qualities of a good/bad interview
2.    to show that you understand the implications of interviewing technique for the quality of the data produced
3.    to identify themes that might be of interest/use to the brand manager for your product.
I would suggest, therefore, that you choose at least two interviews that are of a relatively high standard.
Please also note:
•    If you conducted your interview on a topic other than that of the group which you joined/were allocated to, your transcript will not be available to download.
•    In some cases, the uploaded copies are slightly different to those originally submitted (for example, if we have deleted names in order to protect anonymity).
•    You only have access to the transcripts in the group of which you are a member. You should conduct your Part B on the brand included in the name of this group.

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