Posted: September 17th, 2017

Accounting ethics


double-spaced typewritten pages each in length, not counting the space devoted to exhibits, computation sheets and APA format references. Whenever possible, exhibits should be placed within the body of the report. Otherwise, they may be placed in an Appendix at the end. In either case, do not expect the reader to figure out what they mean and why they were included. Each exhibit must be referred to in the body of the report. Particular attention should be devoted to organization. Do not simply piece sections together in disorderly fashion. The major sections might be:
Background (make it brief, do not rehash the facts in the case);
Presentation and illumination of the facts as they highlight the issues presented;
Discussion of the applicable rules, norms, guidelines and governing law
Analysis of relevant US GAAP or GAAS pronouncements, laws, regulations, and all applicable IFRS and IFRIC rules and analysis of alternative courses of action (if applicable)
with advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.
Your conclusion and recommendation with the reason for the course of action you
recommend, and the reasons for ordering the alternative course of action.


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