Posted: September 17th, 2017

Acquisition Management

Activity 12. Prepare the Performance Requirements Summary for your recommended solution. Use

the PRS template in the IT Economics document (see link below) titled

/T12PBWS.html “Performance Work Statements.” This statement will be the heart of your request for

proposal, assuming you will prepare and distribute one to solicit proposals. You will not be asked to

prepare an RFP in this course


The IT Economics Template 12 for a Performance Requirements Summary is provided at IT

Economics Corporation. Note: The Template material describes how the PWS and the WBS are related

to each other and how they should be cross-referenced. You are not required to cross-reference them

for your individual project. Providing PWS Information to Potential Contractors As stated above, the

PRS summarizes PWS information. The PWS itself and other parts of the RFP provide contractors with

related details.

The attached document illustrates the more complete information that potential

contractors receive in the RFP. You do not need to prepare a written document such as the

attachment. Rather, you need to use Template 12 to prepare your Activity 12. In doing so, you will

summarize the required results that would be the heart of the RFP for potential contractors.

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