Posted: September 18th, 2017

Admission Essay/Personal Statement

Admission Essay/Personal Statement

-highlight the experiences that distinguish you as an applicant
-discussing your professional goals, and special accomplishments or experiences.
-expressing your motivation and goals for graduate study in your proposed field
-your current academic and future career plans as they relate to the Princeton department to which you are applying.
-cite relevant academic, professional and personal experiences that influenced your decision to apply for graduate admission and to obtain a graduate degree
-insight on your past experiences and your future career objectives
-Past: What have your educational and work experiences been thus far? What has led you to this point in your life?
-Present: Why are you applying to graduate school? Why are you choosing this institution? Why are you choosing this program?
-Future: What are your career goals? How will your degree from Stevens help you to attain them?
-discuss your research interests and how they align with the work of the current faculty
-define your professional goals and outline why you would be successful in our program.
-expressing your motivation and goals for graudate study in your proposed field.
-envision career goals once you receive your Ph.D. Degree -describe of your research focus within the field
-provide the detail that best reflects your research focus and understanding of that area at this time
-have a general area they wish to study and strong motivation for this
-address the specific research they hope to contribute and how this fits into the current research
-describe the current state of the research field and its literature, what problems need to be addressed
-develope concept of a specific research topic they wish to pursue
– discuss potential problems that you might address in you research
-show your understanding of the current research in your areas of interest

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