Posted: September 17th, 2017

Advanced care plan assignment

Advanced care plan assignment

TASK ONE; describe the concept of advanced care planning and provide an example of when someone may choose to complete an advanced care plan. Max 200 words

TASK 2 Define the terms Medical power of attorney max 100 words, refusal of medical treatment max 100 words, statement of choices.Max 100 words.

TASK 3; compare Victoria’s ACP documents with another state in Australia. Answer the question how does the ACP documents differ in regards to legal/ethical standing? max 200 words

TASK 4; Reflect on a role play situation working in 3, each should be the nurse patient and observer taking in turns at introducing the concept of Advanced care planning. Reflect on how you both felt undertaking the conversation and conducting the interview.
A) provide a reflection of the ACP role play using Gibbs model for reflection. Max 200 words.
B) Identify aspect of the role play that could be further improved. Max 100 words.

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