Posted: September 17th, 2017

Affective Computing

First of all i want to point out that i would like 2 essays done for the information below, so basically 2 pages each including 4 references for each.

Find more than 4 papers associated with affective computing in a given field, and summarize them (including purpose, method, result discussion and future works). More than 1 paper should be a journal or a proceeding of an international conference.

For each paper write which purpose of affective computing is going to be achieved, I.e, “the strength of affective computing”, “modelling of affective computing”, or “value creation of affective computing” is going to achieved, and how to acieve the purpose.

The title should be “XX and Affective Computing” (ex. Brain science and Affective Computing)

Please write the details of the papers (ex. Author, title, journal title, pages, etc.)

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