Posted: September 17th, 2017

Airport Security Screening

Structure for this chapter
Recomandation include Introduction and summary 1160 words
 Introduction
Just I need to mention a little about wait time and length of passenger queue and to mention below what will go to provide recommendations and they will lead to reduce wait time and length of passenger queue. small paragraph around 150 worlds.
 Recommedations:
Similar world file attached with high light by red color just I need to summaries and paraphrasing must include details as following:
1. Security Training Program such as All persons in all roles in the screening process must have achieved competency in the area they are performing work as specified in the CAA Regulations.
2. Oman government continues to develop its capacity through coordination of research and development activities across agencies and leveraging international counterparts because Oman doesn’t has one case study about security .On other hand UK government has many case study about their airports security.
3. Customer service
4. Passenger behaviour
5. Systems testing and measurement
6. technology
7. Screening point design
8. Human factors
9. Current qualification requirements
10. The nature of the work
11. Complaints handling
12. Special circumstances screening
13. Black Diamond self-select screening program
14. Knowledge of screening requirements
 Summary short paragraph.

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