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American History


Below are two different papers that your writers did for me, the first one was about The U.S. Constitution in Context, and the second one was about The Jackson Era, I need the writer to answer the questions that were asked by my Instructor. The questions I need answered, will be below each assignment. Please have writer answer each question in his are her own words.

The U.S Constitution in Contest

The alterations in the constitution included; every thousand people shall have one representative as per the constitutional census until the total number of representatives becomes two hundred. The Congress shall not give an exclusive commercial advantage to a Company of merchants. It was explicitly stated by the constitution framers that all powers that are not expressly given by the aforementioned constitution are reserved to be exercised by the various states (Stockwell, 2012,). The constitution was changed to permit that every of fact arising in civil actions involving citizens of different States in Actions at Common Law shall be handled by a Jury if one party or both request it. The objections from the people include; the constitution was undermining the press freedom. Secondly, there was a shadow of representation in the representative’s house but no substance that could inspire the people or offer reliable information in the Legislature.

The president of United States had no council declared by the constitution that may lead to improper information and advice. The objections were valid because the Constitution had snatched the power and the freedom of the American citizens. For instance, the constitution had not declared the freedom of the press and the Federal government had assumed all the powers while States’ government had very little authority (Madison, 1787, 5). The American people accepted the constitution after the controversial issues in the proposed constitution were revised. The draft constitution was not democratic and targeted at protecting the rich and those in power while oppressing the ordinary Americans. However, after the constitution framers made the modifications they finally accepted and supported the constitution. The reason for the shift from resistance to the acceptance of the constitution is the amendments that were made as they safeguarded the interests of all the American people and ensured equality in interpreting the law.


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Madison, J. (1787, Nov. 23). The Federalist Papers: No. 10. Retrieved from
These are the questions for the first assignment.
The first question I need answered by the writer is

” I’m curious, James, about your claim that the Constitution undermined press freedom (which had been established in the colonial era, as the result of a 1741 libel suit which the defendant won). Wasn’t that more true of the Articles of Confederation, which were a very different document and didn’t include a built-in bill of rights? Did the First Amendment, which is pretty clear, actually undermine the very freedom of speech it openly supports?

The second question I need answer by the writer is

“The Constitution not only called for a strong central government but also provided its shape and structure, dividing its powers among the three branches and delegating considerable authority to the states (thus making clear that the federal government didn’t enjoy unlimited rights). We know that, by 1861, the volatile states’ rights issue contributed to the Civil War; circa 1789-90, though, how did the states feel about this arrangement at the time?

In addition, regarding the Bill of Rights, which of them owed a great deal to British legal custom (indeed, the British were Europe’s freest people for centuries), and which were really products of recent experience and the framers’ immediate context?
This is the third question

Some early American leaders were loath to create the Constitution. After all, the Revolution had ended only a few years before and some American leaders were loath to empower any strong central government, even if it was the most practical choice. The Bill of Rights certainly appealed to many at the time; did anyone actually oppose it?
This is the second paper your writers did so I need the questions answered that will be below the paper.
The Jackson Era

President Andrew Jackson is today considered among the most revered presidents of the United States of America. Jackson is known for his championing the rights of the common man and denouncing the evils that were perpetrated in the regions of America for a period he was in the leadership. Emerging into the national politic scene from a mere senatorial seat of Tennessee, a westerner and a war hero known for defeating the British war, Jackson’s throng into the political arena is considered among the most remarkable in the American history. This paper illustrates the Jacksonian leadership systems and styles that led the American era during his leadership to be known as the Jacksonian era ().

Jackson and his supporters used the second party system to transform the American political systems in a more fascinating yet memorable manner. As opposed to the first political party system which did not consider the political parties names, but perpetrated along ethnic lines, the second political parties systems championed in naming all parties that were in existence in the United States between 1828 and 1854 (Stockwell, 2012). As a result, one belonged to and championed for just one party and not the other irrespective of their ethnic or racial backgrounds, hence shaping the political dimensions of the American people by belonging to certain party ideologies and systems.

The Jackson democracy is considered one of the most cherished democracies in the history of America due to its championing for the rights and the voice of the common man. His establishment of the democratic party championed for the union of all tribes, races and ethnic groups that were present in the United States during his time (Jackson, 1830). He ruled in a simplistic manner, taking every bit of injustice to the poor, slaves and the disabled seriously than his predecessors. He became the first American president to ride on a train with the low-class persons symbolizing his union with the common man of the time and his championing for their democratic needs.

Despite these, President Jackson faced several challenges during his tenancy as the president of the united states and endured the fiercest opposition from all quarters. For instance, the removal of the Indians from the whites dominion and award of free life to them triggered fierce opposition from the white populace (Jackson, 1832). His decisions regarding the nullification and the establishment of the bank of the united states were rather non-partisan and left so many problems unresolved. As a result, his opponents took charge against him to launch fierce opposition against him. His presidency was also characterized by the massive withdrawal of money, what his opponents referred to as being spendthrift with the people’s money (Jackson, 1832). These oppositions and challenges steered the assassination of Jackson’s character and leadership.

President Andrew Jackson is considered one of the best presidents in the United States. He ruled for a considerably long time and championed the rights of the poor, the common man and the slaves who formerly had no rights. He denounced corruption and unfair treatment of the weak and the poor. However, the faced a lot of challenges during his administration and consequently a lot of opposition from his opponents.


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The first question I need answered is

Let’s delve a bit more into Indian removal, James; that episode was the biggest stain on Jackson’s presidency and remains a shameful miscarriage of justice. The Supreme Court had actually ruled against Jackson and in favor of the “Five Civilized Tribes” who inhabited lands in the Southeast that settlers and speculators coveted; how did Jackson manage to get away with defying the Supreme Court without facing criminal charges himself? And to whom was Jackson pandering, if anyone?
The second question I need answered is

Jackson opposed big banks because he somehow thought they abused their power and were little more than bastions of privilege. At the time, did banks (which lacked effective oversight and were notoriously unstable) actually pose any threat or undermine the US public, or did Jackson oppose them mainly because he couldn’t control them?

The third and final question I need answered is
Jackson’s personality was certainly an issue, for his supporters, critics, and enemies (he certainly aroused strong passions). His rough manner (he’d been born poor on the Carolina frontier), volatile temper, and bold use of authority helped expand presidential authority. Before him, presidents used their powers in a more restrained manner, plus personality wasn’t so much an issue in early campaigns. Exactly what in Jackson’s personality and characters resonated so much with voters? Was it simply because he claimed to identify with them?

Regarding economic policy (which really commanded much of his interest), why did he oppose big banks — which is somewhat ironic, considering how he supported business interests and paid little attention to some other matters?

Can the writer please number each question separately so I know which answer is for each question?

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