Posted: September 17th, 2017

An analysis of market competition in private health care in UK (Impact on start-ups)

Research Objectives
• To investigate the importance of competitive analysis in the healthcare sector.
• To investigate how a competitive analysis would be beneficial to a start-up healthcare company.
• Explore the different types of competitive marketing strategies and through this research develop a method suitable for a start-up healthcare organisation.

Research Aim:
The aim of this research is to analyse market competition of the private health care industry in UK and how a new health care agency can enter this market.

Research Question
How the results of competitive analysis impact a start-up strategy in the health care industry?

The methodology for this research is secondary research using quantitative and qualitative research
Please arrange the work in sections and subsections, be analytical and avoid descriptive writing
Please include page numbers in the reference lists so every single reference must have a page number.
(Please also choose and identify the data analysis method, strategy and philosophy you are using in bullet points before you begin this chapter. there is no need to provide a definition or explanation for this)

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