Posted: September 17th, 2017

An example of an article Critique

Paper Details:


Your task is to offer a detailed critique of a peer-reviewed article you locate in the CSU Online Library. The article must be related to explaining how political developments and movements have influenced the practice of budgeting and financial management in the public sector. In your critique, address the following questions/points:

 What are the main points and arguments of the author(s)?

 What is your opinion of the article? How does the article relate to your experience or current job in the public or nonprofit sector?

 How can the points and arguments of the author(s) be applied to the public sector in a practical sense? The critique should be roughly 500 words in length (approximately two double-spaced pages).

Be sure to cite all borrowed, quoted, and paraphrased material appropriately in APA format. Your professor is most interested in your opinion (the second and third bullet points above).

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