Posted: September 17th, 2017

Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay

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An amazing new discovery is coming to market. Two chemical engineers stumbled upon a way to easily make artificial chocolate. This laboratory-produced chocolate is virtually chemically indistinguishable from real chocolate. The engineers who patented the process have now started a new company named after their signature product, Genetikoko.

Because of its efficient production, by way of recombinant bacteria in the laboratory setting, analysts predict that Genetikoko could make natural chocolate and cocoa production all but obsolete in just a few years.

Our Client, Responsible Investments, Inc., is weighing whether to significantly invest in this new company. But two analysts from our client investment firm have differing views. One of the analysts, named Pro-metheus, is a strident Milton Friedman adherent, believing that, regardless of the impact on the rest of the world, they should go forward with investing in Genetikoko, to try make as much money as possible for our investors within the law. On the other hand, the other analyst, named Con-nie, has taken this class and is terribly concerned about the interests of other stakeholders outside of Genetikoko. Pro-metheus has not heard of stakeholder theory and is not sure what Con-nie’s concerns may be.

Pro-metheus and Con-nie have jointly agreed to hire our consulting firm to produce a pro-con analysis of their proposal as to whether to invest in this company in light of Responsible Investments’ overall portfolio and stakeholder theory. Therefore, I need you to do the following: analyze the foregoing scenario and:

a) Identify the various major stakeholder groups who may be impacted by Genetikoko’s success, good or bad;

b) Analyze the costs borne by each stakeholder group you identify; and

c) Evaluate the benefits that may be realized by each of the stakeholder groups you identify.

d) Finally, please make a recommendation about whether we should proceed with investing in Genetikoko in light of your analysis.

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