Posted: September 17th, 2017



Discussion Paper: ­ Analytical overview of policy formation.

Undertake a critical discussion of policy formation based on the readings and lecture presentations. Your discussion will address the following questions:
· What is policy?
· Who makes policy?
· What does policy aim to achieve?
· How does it work?
· Who/what does it affect?

Your discussion is primarily a theoretical discussion of policy formation and implementation, focussed on the above points
and illustrated with examples from policy areas. It is not a critique of a particular area of policy or of a particular policy;
the focus is on the process of formation and implementation.

In order to complete this assignment students must:
· Complete the allocated readings (I’ll upload those readings)
· Focus the discussion on policy formation and implementation
· Use examples from lecture presentations to illustrate arguments
· Follow academic convention of drawing on readings to support the discussion points
· Produce a Discussion Paper that is well written and referenced

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