Posted: September 17th, 2017

Analyze the current positions of products in the competitive set

Select a real world company, either from the textbook, that you are familiar with or that you have an interest in (this company can NOT be one that you used in previous essays), and write a paper containing a minimum of 1000 words minimum (not including cover page or reference page) exclusive of reference list information that answers the following:

Perform the following steps associated with the positioning process for at least one of your selected company’s product lines:

1. identify a relevant set of competitive products – develop this in a table as well as describing in a paragraph form

Criteria for Comparison             Your BRAND     Competitor # 1 – name that brand     Competitor # 2 – name that brand

Annual Sales Volume

Price – MSRP Range

Product Unique Attributes

Placement – points of distribution

Promotion – where / how do they advertise

Other Items of Comparison

Other Items of Comparison

Other Items of Comparison

Finally discuss what changes you would recommend to take to beat your competition.

2. identify determinant attributes

3. collect data about customers’ perceptions for products in the competitive set

4. analyze the current positions of products in the competitive set

5. determine customers’ most preferred combination of attributes

6. consider fit of possible positions with customer needs and segment attractiveness

7. write a positioning statement or value proposition to guide development of the marketing strategy

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