Posted: September 17th, 2017

Analyzing a marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Paper and Presentation


This course has a Final Project that will give each student the opportunity to develop and analyze a marketing plan. This process starts on the first day of class and will end the last day of class with a marketing plan paper and PowerPoint presentation. This project will include a 8 -10 page double-spaced, typed in 12 point font paper and a PowerPoint presentation. The work starts on the first week of class when students submit each week’s assignment. At the end of the seventh week each student will put the paper together for final post and also prepare the presentation. The details of the project are as follows:


Please refer to the grading rubric. You are free to develop your outline; however you must include the following elements in your paper.


Here is a list of tasks you will complete for your course project.

Week 1 – I page Max


  • A brief description of the product/service being offered. (Add a picture or Ad of the product or service using a Flip chart or Clip board). The product/service must have a name!
  • Select a location (Be specific)
  • Develop or craft your organization’s mission statement


Week 3 – 4 pages Max


  • An analysis of the market in which the product/service will be offered.

ο          Size and demographics of the markets –Segmentation, Positioning

ο          Potential competitors (if any)

ο          S.W.O.T analysis

ο          Develop a Product life cycle analysis


Week 5 – 4 page Max


  • An analysis of the marketing strategies that will be used for the introduction of the product/service. Marketing Mix.

ο          Pricing

ο          Promotion

ο          Distribution

ο          Sales support



  • Be sure to include a table of content, executive summary and reference page for the resources you use. This project will comprise 24% of the final grade. The presentation will comprise 10% of final grade. The PowerPoint should be between 12 to 15 slides


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