Posted: September 17th, 2017

Analyzing music in a film clip (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

Analyzing music in a film clip (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

You have to analyze a film clip that I chose, which is The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. You should watch the “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King : Clip 44:00 0 49:00 “. In the clip, you can listen some background music.  You should analyze the film clip, and the role of music within that clip. You can assume the reader has seen the film, but you still want to orient your reader with a brief introduction of your topic.  Similarly, at the end of your paper, you want a conclusion that provides insight and synthesis–stating the sorts of things that come from reflecting on the observations and analysis that make up the “meat” of your paper.

Below are things that you should analyzing on the paper:

n the maximum word limit and time scale.
*Reverence List:
(85 references for the whole assignment based on Harvard system)
•    All related assignment tasks, assignment structure, Required Reading, Recommended Reading, Recommended Journals to be used are mentioned in the attachments.
•    *All the Public Authority for Civil Aviation for Oman strategies, Tourism statistics for South Eastern of Oman, Investment strategies, Investment opportunities for FDI, Statistics of FDI in Oman, useful links for the related organisations, In Country Value strategy (ICV) for the oil and gas (use to apply it in tourism sector), ICV contract (use to implement in tourism sector) are attached to be used in the report.

•    The theory part must be from project management theories,
•    All the examples must be up to date,
•    Add table of content.
•    Add Executive Summary before Table of Content.
•    Total word-processed report (9000 words in length) with 85 reference (reference based on Harvard style).
•    Evidence of the level of critical analysis of the issues faced by the aria being evaluated.
•    Understanding, critical evaluation and application of appropriate techniques, methods, models and tools to the issues discussed
•    Appropriateness and justification of the conclusions drawn and recommendations made to address the issues identified
•    Clarity and coherence of report (with regard to structure of analysis, diagnosis, correctness of spelling and grammar, appropriateness of language, accuracy of referencing including use of English and Harvard Referencing scheme).
•    Plagiarism must not be more than 10% for the whole report.

Assignment/coursework general submission requirements
?    Your student name and identification number must be clearly stated at the top of each page of your work.
?    Each page must be numbered.
?    Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a list of abbreviations should precede your work.
?    All referencing must adhere to School/Institutional requirements. i.e Harvard
?    A word count must be stated at the end of your work.
?    Your programme, year of study and the relevant module must be included as a “footer” on each page.
?    Appendices should be kept to the minimum and be of direct relevance to the content of your work.
?    All tables and figures must be correctly numbered and labelled.
?    Your Capstone project should be soft bound (not spiral bound) and include appendices to evidence the research process. Your ethics form should also be included.

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