Posted: September 18th, 2017

Annotated bibliography

I need an annotated bibliography for your work below

4.4 Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography is a list of research sources. Your final project, as with all academic research papers at Regis, will include a list of references at the end that shows which resources you consulted. You may use books, articles, DVDs, government documents, or other works of information. You may even consult people working in the field or experts in your subject area as resources.

In recent weeks, you spent time gathering materials from various resources. Now, you will determine which of those resources you plan to use in your paper. You will not need to read each item thoroughly, but you should browse the material in each resource to see if it will likely have the information you need. If so, then you will add it to your annotated bibliography due this week.


Create an annotated bibliography on your project topic using at least five resources from the following areas:

Three articles from two different online databases
One book
One website (but no more than two websites – choose wisely)

An annotation is a few sentences added to the citation that explains and evaluates the material.

Order ID 0947932520
Topic Irish IRA and how they became who they are today
Type Research paper
Urgency 6 days
Level University
Style MLA
Sources 10 sources
Language English(U.S.)

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