Posted: August 12th, 2013

Application Essay, Gender & Sexual Studies

The answers to all questions should be thoughtful and reflect higher order thinking skills. This means that you should analyze issues instead of merely listing them. The major ideas/assertions should be supported by sound analysis and logic. When asked to compare and contrast authors do not simply list what each author said. Please remember to focus on areas of difference or similarity between the authors. Answer the questions in your own words instead of paraphrasing or giving direct quotes from the readings whenever possible. But if you use direct quotes please cite the reading. Please note that plagiarism is a serious offense. You cannot hand in an exam that is identical to that handed in by another student. Be advised that if the exam contains verbatim language from another source without citation, it will be considered an act of academic dishonesty and I will follow a policy of zero tolerance. At the very minimum, academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade for this course, but may also result in expulsion from the University. Read the University General Catalog for details.
1. The gendered nature of the public / private dichotomy has come up in many of the readings for this course. Compare and contrast the way in which Scott and Sen have discussed the gendered nature of this dichotomy and its effects on outcomes for women.
2. “Today we no longer say: ‘give us more jobs, more rights, consider us your equals or even allow us to compete with you better.’ But rather: let us reexamine the whole question, all the questions. Let us take nothing for granted. Let us not only redefine ourselves, our role, our image-but also the kind of society we want to live in.” – In Search of Answers: Indian Women’s Voices from Manushi. – Kishwar and Ruth,Eds. 1984.
Discuss the extent to which Mies, Escobar and Pearson ‘reexamine the whole question’. What assumptions do each of them challenge and in what ways do they encourage us ‘to redefine ourselves, our role….the kind of society we want to live in’. Provide one specific example of an action that we could take in our everyday lives that would reflect
these principles.
3. Mohanty writes, “Women’s bodies and labor are used to consolidate global dreams, desires, and ideologies of success and the good life in unprecedented ways.” What do you think the statement means? Use both Mohanty and Mies to help support your answer.
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