Posted: September 17th, 2017

Applying Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapy

Children can feel overtaken by family problems and allow those problems to define who they are. In

this video, Stephen Madigan presents a refreshing approach that allows family members to separate

themselves from their problems and retell their stories. By asking a series of compassionate

questions, Madigan quickly gets to the heart of this family’s frustration–a pattern of competitive

taunting among the six children in the house. Madigan then helps them uncover skills, strengths and

solutions to take home in order to break the family pattern. Jon Carlson and Don Keat introduce Dr.

Madigan, and facilitate an in-depth discussion of the further impact and uses of the model. From

watching this video, you will: * Develop an understanding of the key concepts of Narrative Therapy

with children, including separating the child from the problem, understanding how the problem has

taken control, and allowing alternate stories of strength and resistance to be told. * Gain insight into

Dr. Madigan’s therapy style and how

he asks unformulated compassionate questions from a stance of curiosity and appreciation. * Learn

how to apply Narrative Therapy techniques to your own therapeutic
1, Define the problem above case in your own words.

2, Formulate a treatment plan including three short- and three long-term goals each for Narrative therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

3, Describe two theory-based interventions each (From Narrative and Solution focused therapy) you would use and justify your selection.

4, Explain two anticipated outcome of each.


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