Posted: March 4th, 2015

Arab Spring Cause and Effect Essay

Order Description
5 page essay
where did the arab spring originally started and what caused it? which other countries followed and there reasons for it? establish a cause and effect relationship for all the countries in general. (Preferred to be written by an Arab)

Unit 2: Problem-Solution and Cause-Effect
• Components and suggested arrangement
• A clear statement of the problem/problems or issues as you see it.
• Discussion of causes of this problem (how did the problem come about) or what are connected factors in creating the problem. If you list several, be sure to include the key aspects –what deserves the most focus
• Suggestions for approaching the problems (can be one basic approach or can be several combined.)
• Detailed discussion or evaluation of the suggested approaches: Consider what exactly might result form the approach or approaches, what might happen as a result of approaches.
• Clear statement of why this approach might help this problem.
• Conclusion- What should the audience walk away thinking.

Writing Elements
The essay:
• Is focused so it adds depth, rather than lists.
• Presents and develops an argumentative thesis, not a listing one.
• Is organized in a way that is easy for a reader to follow
• Develops the causes and effects and defines problems and analyzes solution in enough details for readers to understand fully
• Stands up logically
• Uses transition words and other devices to show relationships in and across paragraphs.


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