Posted: September 17th, 2017

Article Review

Article Review

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Select a current article about employee motivation from the Wall Street Journal or the business section of a major daily newspaper such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Los Angeles Times or from one of the following business periodicals such as Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, The Economist or Harvard Business Review that relates to Chapters 15 or 16, ( I did attached the page that has Titles of Chapter 15 and 16 to have an idea what are chapters about). The article should not be over 3 years old and should be at least 2 pages.
Once an article has been chosen, write 1 to 2 pages summary of the article in your own words. After the summary has been developed, describe how the article relates to the material we have covered (indicate this with a chapter number) and how this article may impact what you would do as a supervisor or a leader. Your write up will be evaluated on content, grammar, and spelling skills.

After you’ve summarized the article, pose at least 1 question that the article didn’t address and include at least 1 reflective comment related to your thinking about the topic. For example: do you agree with the company’s position? Why or why not? Did the company exhibit or model acceptable business ethics? What would you recommend to the company’s board of directors? Your responses should be well thought out and be 100 or more words and should include additional resources to back up your statements.
Include a bibliography and a working link to the article (highlight the address of the article in your web browser and copy and paste it into the discussion board). The link should take the reader (me) directly to the article, not a huge database where the article is located. Check to make sure it works before you submit your work.

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