Posted: September 13th, 2017

Article Review for any article choices listed in the intructions

Article Review for any article choices listed in the intructions

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You are required to select a journal article and write a 2–3-page paper reviewing it. The article that you choose must be published within the last five years, related to your research topic, and found in a scholarly journal. You can use the article you choose here as one of the required sources for your research paper. Format your paper in APA style and review the Article Review Grading Rubric to improve the quality of your paper. The article review is due by the end of Module/Week 3.

Choose your article from one of the journals below (other journals may be acceptable with prior instructor approval):

Social Problems Journal
Journal of Social Issues
Social Problems
Social Work
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Alcohol Health & Research World
Alcohol Research & Health
American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse
American Journal of Family Therapy
American Journal of Sociology
Canadian Journal of Criminology
Canadian Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice Canadian Journal of Sociology
Child Adolescent Social Work Journal

Child Abuse Review
Child Welfare
Contemporary Drug Problems
Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy
Human Nature
Journal of Drug Issues
Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare
Social Alternatives
Social Forces
Social Science Quarterly
Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
American Journal of Sociology
American Sociological Review

Include each of the following elements in your article review:

1. Summary – In the first paragraph of your paper, summarize the article and state the primary issue that the article discusses.
2. Analysis of main points – Each of the article’s main point should be discussed in its own paragraph in your paper. Discuss the evidence and support for each main point.
3. Reflective conclusion – In the last paragraph of your paper, discuss how the article relates to your research paper and the course as a whole, and explain your own reactions to and opinions of the article.

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