Posted: November 23rd, 2014

artist's interventions: deconstructing the family/personal portrait

artist’s interventions: deconstructing the family/personal portrait

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CMNS 386 assignment 3
Artist’s interventions: Deconstructing the family/personal portrait
1.    find a photograph-based artwork produced by an artist (i.e. someone represented by an art gallery or whose work has been exhibited in a gallery) that examines the ideological constructions of the family or individuals in the photo/s and creates another story/understanding them ( for articles on artists, consider the article by Racette and Hirsch)
2.    using the readings explain what are the typical conventions and codes used in family or personal photographs to construct identities and tell stories about the particular individuals and/or families in the photos (relevant articles by Carol Williams and Martha Langford) Do the subjects in the photo a marginalized group? An elite group?
3.    Analyze the techniques used by the artists to challenge/reveal the ideologies/norms and/or create other stories/identities/possibilities for the subjects in the photo/s
4.    Does the photograph/art have an affect on you? Does the artwork make you “look” at the subjects in a different way? Feel differently about the?
5.    Be sure to include information about the artist and her or his background and  the type of art/topics he or she usually focuses on.
6.    Include definitions of key terms from the readings (quote and explain)
7.    Apply definitions to your example
8.    Describe the image in sufficient detail, identifying & describing the particular elements or aspects of the image, its contexts, its use

Must reference and use terms from the relevant articles


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