Posted: September 18th, 2017

Assessed Exercise Techniques

In 2010 myrtle rust disease was detected in Australia for the first time on the NSW central coast. The disease has spread into four states and has a wide host range on native plants in the Myrtaceae. It is unknown how the fungus arrived in Australia, and whether this was an incursion from a single strain or a mix of strains.

One hypothesis is that just one strain arrived in NSW, and that therefore the population of the fungus across Australia is identical having propagated from that original strain. From your reading of background material or any other information you can find in the literature, write a description of how applying techniques on the detection of nucleic acids could be used to explore this hypothesis.

Because the word limit is relatively tight, you may chose to focus on a single aspect more than a broader analysis. This choice is yours. Ultimately, what you write must be clear, concise and informative.

You might highlight:

* advantages or limitations of a technique

* how you interpret the data arising from techniques

* what are the key controls needed

* what experiments have already been done on this disease

It is essential that you describe a particular application of the technique(s) with appropriate references from the literature. In some cases there may be more emphasis on the application and less on the methodology itself.

The use of figures is strongly encouraged. For instance, a work-flow or experimental design diagram can be particularly effective to outline an experimental procedure. Figures may be copied or modified from other sources, but if so must be acknowledged. Figures should have legends, and these are not included in the word limit. However, legends should be brief, concise and relevant to the Figure. They are not simply an opportunity to expand the word limit.

Your work must be referenced appropriately. This means that important aspect of your descriptions have the appropriate aspects referenced. You may have to go to additional sources to find appropriate references. Use a consistent and scientifically accepted form of referencing.
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