Posted: September 17th, 2017

Assessing the Effectiveness of Basel 3 in Mitigate Financial Crises2007-2008 for the UK Banking Sector

Assessing the Effectiveness of Basel 3 in Mitigate Financial Crises2007-2008 for the UK Banking Sector

-could be changed.

Time range:2007-now


Reference Reading(an example): to give you overall idea of this topic, please see attached ‘An assessment of UK banking liquidity regulation and supervision’pp133-166.




Faculty Cover Page




Abstract or executive summary


Table of Contents

List(s) of Tables/Figures etc.


List of Appendices



Put the project into its context.

Why you are doing it, who you are doing it for, where you are doing

your research.


Research Question and Objectives (stated clearly as part of the introduction)


Critical Literature Review

a critical analysis of more than20 journals and 200-300words for each.


Hypotheses/Conceptual Model


Hypotheses detail precisely what you are going to test or what you are going to research. These must relate back to the literature. A conceptual model is an illustration detailing the key features of the topic, key variables, and any relationships between them.

Present either or both of these pieces of information between the literature review chapter and the methodology chapter. Your research should clearly state any hypotheses that have been developed from the review of the literature. It is also useful to present a conceptual model.


Methodology (for details, please see reference reading)

How you are going to conduct your research, and why have you chosen these particular methods. This section of the project should refer to the underpinning research philosophy, the approach(s) adopted and the specifics of data collection and analysis.


Findings and analaysis (for details, please see reference reading)

These should include both primary and secondary data, qualitative and quantitative findings, and data derived from organisational sources. If there are findings that substantiate or refute what you have learned from the literature, you must draw attention to this in your discussion.


Discussion and Conclusions

This is perhaps the most important part. This is where you must discuss your data and draw conclusions from it whilst keeping a clear focus on your literature search and what this suggested you might discover through your research. You should refer back to some of the key literature, and bring in other sources in your discussion. The conclusion should summarise the whole project, and highlight the key findings, implications, limitations and opportunities for further research. It is inadequate to merely to summarise your findings in this section.


Reference list

Presented in the Harvard Format.




For any research involving human participants, as opposed to the use of secondary data or non-obtrusive observational. This must include a completed ethical approval form as well as any additional material. They must be referenced in the main body of your project, and the sourceacknowledged. Properly, they should be in the order they are referred to in your text.


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