Posted: September 13th, 2017

Assessment Scenario essay

Assessment Scenario essay

Graduate Attributes assessed: Assessment two assesses the development of competence in all of the CQUniversity’s graduate attributes.

Learning Outcomes

This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes three, four and five.

• Demonstrate appropriate skills necessary to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers.
• Discuss the Workplace Health and Safety risks to paramedics.
• Explain the legal and ethical obligations of paramedic practice.

Assessment Statement

The role of a paramedic is a multi-faceted, highly regulated one. At times you will be called to very complex cases that require a solid knowledge of procedural as well as clinical policies and guidelines. This assessment will cover a number of areas that will require you to research appropriate policy and procedure to ensure accuracy of your submission. For the purpose of this assessment you are required to work with Queensland legislation and policy.

Assessment Scenario Outline

You are working in a rural community with your Officer-in-charge. At 2000 hours you are despatched Code 1 to a single vehicle accident approx. 50 kms away from your station. Your officer in charge is a long serving officer who has little respect for the rules and regulations that the “brass in Brisbane” has imposed on Paramedics.

On your journey to the scene your partner travels at 140 + km/hr saying there is no need to worry about speed limits in the bush – “There is no traffic out here” and besides the ambulance service is exempt from the road rules.

As you arrive on scene your partner parks on the road leaving the headlights on. He tells you he knows these people really well and there is no need for any gloves or anything as these people don’t have any health problems.

As you approach the scene you find a vehicle (pictured) that has rolled leaving the vehicle with major damage. You are waved down by a male person who directs you to a female trapped in the badly damaged vehicle. She has obvious fractures to her legs and multiple abrasions. The male person states that he was driving the vehicle when he lost control and it rolled multiple times trapping the female in the vehicle. The male patient is acting aggressively and smells strongly of liquor.

Assessment Requirements

This task has three components.

1. What legislations and policies has the Officer-in-charge breached and what are the possible consequences of these breaches.

2. With reference to the scene, identify any workplace health and safety issues you might face. Out of this choose one and discuss how you might eliminate or reduce the risk and what impact that may have on your patient treatment. Your plan could include new equipment/training not currently available to paramedics. Provide details of any research that support your idea.

3. The male person on-scene is complaining of abdominal pain but refuses any treatment or transport going against your advice. He has obvious bruising to his abdomen consistent with a seatbelt injury. Using Queensland Ambulance Service protocols as a guide – discuss what steps you would need to take to ensure you have met your duty of care and that the patient is giving a valid refusal. Include in this task the information you would need to document in your patient care records.

Students are reminded to attain a passing grade in this course you are required to attain a mark of at least 50% for each assessment item.

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