Posted: September 17th, 2017



Module:    Marketing Planning and Strategy
Assessment Method:    Individual Plan
Assessment title:    Marketing Plan
Assessment Weighting:    50%
Word Length:    3000 words
Submission Date:    Monday 10 August 2015 by 4pm  – hard copy to W117
Method of Feedback:    Written feedback available
Construct a two year marketing plan for a new Beauty retail brand to be introduced to the UK market only. The new brand should be a new company start-up rather than an additional brand for an existing company. Adopt a critical perspective and show your ability to apply analytic techniques. Use available Mintel reports some of which are on GCU Learn under Assignments.
Note the executive summary should be no more than 150 words and should include your major recommendations. An appendix at the back should detail the work that each member has done in terms of research and writing up of sections. You don’t need to write more than 50 words per person.
1. Situational analysis 30%
To combine external factors such as market demand and competition. This will lead to a rationale for target marketing, product, pricing and promotion etc. The brand name should be given particular analysis. This will be quite a long part of the plan probably up to 1100 words.

2. Marketing objectives 10%.
SMART objectives are required and these should stem from your situational analysis. Unlikely to be more than 100 words and should be presented as ‘objectives’. Please apply SMART to each objective and do not produce one objective that is specific and another one that is measurable as that is wrong.

3. Marketing Strategy 20%.
This should be the big picture statement of how the objectives will be met but not the detail as that is in the action plan. Probably no more than 300 words

4. Action programme 20%
Concise but detailed outline of marketing mix with time scales and estimate of costs. Probably no more than 900 words. Should include a tabulated schedule of marketing activities e.g. by quarterly period.

5. Projected profit and loss statement 10%
This section should show estimated sales, costs and profits for each quarterly period using a single page spreadsheet. You need to make assumptions and these should be explained. Probably no more than 300 words. Remember to put sales at the top of the spreadsheet, then below that costs and below that profits.

Control methods 10 %.
What outcomes will be measured and what criteria will be used. Should link to your objectives but will show you understand the key performance indicators. Probably no more than 200 words.

Overall comments

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