Posted: September 17th, 2017



You will be required to produce a report that critically analyses the production techniques used in two contrasting songs from a list provided by your lecturer. You will need to comment how these production choices have helped convey the intent of the song. For each song you are required to research the following information:
– Form and arrangement elements: comment on factors such as tempo, key, genre, dynamics of individual parts, texture and timbre of individual elements and the overall dynamic contour of the song

– Audio Production Techniques such as:
o Mix elements including panning, effects used, relative volume of elements
o Production techniques such as: double tracking, layering, pitch shifting etc

– Producer(s)/engineer(s) involved in the production of the song.

– Comment on how the production choices have impacted the overall outcome of the

Audio publications such as Sound on Sound and Audio Technology provide interviews with engineers and producers. The interviews often cover particular production techniques used in the creation of songs and albums.

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