Posted: September 17th, 2017

Balance of costs of policing versus the value.

A U.S. city finds its law enforcement under severe financial strain and is considering outsourcing policing services to the state. The city has a diverse population of 120,000. The city manager has a good sense of policing and law enforcement history and the mission of the police. She believes that the local police are no longer necessary given the change in crime patterns and lack of effectiveness of the police. State police would be more effective, she argues. However, most of the city council disagrees with the city manager’s proposal and wants the local police to remain intact. They believe only local police can meet the needs of the local population.

Analyze the issue and make a recommendation. The recommendation must clearly be either for outsourcing the police or for keeping the police. Write a consulting report presenting the  analysis and recommendations. In the report, address the following:
• Discuss the balance of costs of policing versus the value.
• Discuss crime strategies, community policing, and actual trends in violence. (Assume that the hypothetical city has crime patterns similar to the national patterns.)
• Discuss what the police should do and why. Define the mission of the police and explain how your recommendation is the better way to achieve the mission.
• Discuss the continual evolution of policing and law enforcement. Explain how your recommendation is a part of the current phase of evolution.

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