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Review pages 4 – 14 of the School District Wellness Policies: Evaluating Progress and Potential for Improving Childrens Health Three Years after the Federal Mandate report. Reflecting on this report and given that: ENERGY INTAKE ? ENERGY EXPENDITURE = ENERGY BALANCE, where ?energy intake? refers to what we eat and ?energy expenditure? is defined by how much we exercise; then ?energy balance? is defined as the relationship between intake and expenditure.

describing challenges and opportunities teachers, health educators, health professionals, and parents in this country face in overcoming the epidemic of childhood obesity.

1.Describe several of the reasons that childhood obesity is on the rise.
2.Identify at least 3 barriers to improving children’s nutrition and physical acitvity.
3.What are the trends regarding effectiveness of school-based wellness policies?
4.What opportunities exist to improve school-based wellness policies?
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