Posted: September 13th, 2017

benefits of employing database on businesses

benefits of employing database on businesses

IT but this subject about Business.The assignment is team work and my part is about the potintial future benefits for users and customers and cost if employing this architecture within the business .

The gathering, processing, and use of information relating to the operations of a business are vital to its success. Even something as simple as a customer mailing list needs to be managed appropriately if it is to be kept up to date and accurate. Therefore, any tools or applications that can make the tasks involved easier and more efficient need to be given serious consideration. The database architecture mentioned above ( Figure 3.1) is  one of the cornerstones of information technology, and its ability to organize , process and manage information in a structured and controlled manner is key to many aspects of modern business efficiency. Therefore, employing database architecture  in the business will provide a significant benefits for overall business such as users , customers and cost and risk reduction .

The first benefit is employing database architecture  in the business will allow all business users including senior management team , sales and marketing team to generate and receive many business reports they would like. These reports will help the  organization  to achieve better resource management, improved decision making , planning and performance improvement in different operating divisions of the organization. For example, business users will  see a combined data from all brands  in one place ,in this case the time will be reduce to speed up the process  and managing data will be more efficient to improve the quality of the outputs and increasing operation volumes. In addition, senior manager will be able to manage, control and monitor all the data in sophisticated manner. With employing database technology each procedures in the business will be in official way to  retain all the information from the lost  and to be able to  track the historical data such as , report, record and customer details .

Secondly , employing database architecture  not only will be benefit for the users but also will be benefit for the customers by improving the  customer decisions with flexible customer services, rapid response to customer demands and quick service adjustments. Each customer will be able to have  personal profile  in the business system including contact details to support the customer relationship with the enterprise and  to keep his/her preferred product ,what product her/his bought , what her/his order and what her/his feedback. In this case the customers have chance to keep  track their important details. For example , if the customer want a count the number of massage sessions who did with the enterprise to have a discount , this system will allow them to make it easily.

Finally , employing database architecture in the enterprise is delivered the labor cost and risk reduction which is remained a high priorities  for most businesses. In particularly, Labor costs are amongst the most significant expenses in the Chain because each task  ,such as reports , customers details ,product details and record  in the enterprise is did manually by the employees .In this case , the enterprise need to employ more employees to speed up the process and to increase the productivity. However, by doing all of these tasks there are potential of risk happening . For example , with more work the labors might do some mistakes in sensitive data . This mistake may lead to enormous dangerous  which could affect the enterprise reputation .Therefore, instead of employing more labors database architecture can do all of these task automatically and most importantly without mistake if it feeds  with correct data .Moreover, employing database technology lead to meet  reducing labor expenses by minimizing the number of employees  to realize higher profit .
Indeed, employing database architecture within the business is considered the significant benefit for overall business to ensure its future success . Business users ,customers, cutting cost and minimizing risk are the important benefits for the business if its employ database architecture that mentioned above ( Figure 3.1) .In reality, the  secret to the successful use of database architecture is the way in which data or information is structured to enable efficient processing.

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