Posted: September 17th, 2017

"Bernice Bobs her Hair" is Bernice a round character

efinitions of a �round character� often include the idea that a round character is one who undergoes some change or transformation during the course of a story. As presented, do you think that Bernice in �Bernice Bobs her Hair� should be considered a round character according to that criterion of undergoing a change during the course of the story?

You need to devise a clear thesis that makes an argument based on specific details from the story that specifically support and develop your thesis. Do not discuss the author or the author�s biography. This information is not relevant for any of the topics and including it will result in a lower grade. Although you do need, of course, to clearly introduce the story by title and mention the author�s name, following that you will need to get right to the argument about the story you are presenting and to the evidence taken directly from the story that supports that argument.

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