Posted: September 18th, 2017


You have been engaging a patient/client who uses heroin, for a couple of sessions. She is 24 years old, has a 5-year history of heroin use and is opioid dependent. There have been several episodes of withdrawal in the past and she has a drug using partner (not in treatment), part-time employment as a secretary, and 1 child aged 2. She is Hepatitis C AB positive and has a previous charge for possession of heroin and cannabis and is on a bond.
a) List the treatment approaches (and a brief description) that are available patients with opioid dependence.
8 marks
b) For this patient, opioid substitution treatment is the treatment path chosen. Using information provided in the history explain:
• Why this is appropriate?;
• Which medication would be most suited? and;
The other aspects of treatment of this lady that are an important apart from medication.
8 marks
c) Used appropriate and current references, academic referencing, grammar and application of research to the answer.
4 marks
Consider the information provided in the history and relevant references in your explanation.

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