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You have likely encountered a variety of leaders in your personal and professional life. Think about the ones you have admired most. How would you describe their

leadership styles? You might describe some leaders as energetic and domineering, and you may observe that others quietly lead from a distance. Even though their styles

may differ, all leaders have the potential for success. Identifying the qualities of effective leadership can be difficult. Separating leadership qualities from the

leaders themselves will help you to clarify those qualities that matter most to you.
For this essay, you will analyse different approaches to leadership and how those leadership theories have been applied in practical business environments.
To prepare this essay:
• Read the attached files.
• Think about different approaches to leadership from this week’s Learning Resources.
• Identify two leaders who have influenced you during your life; choose one who is a business leader and one who is not. Your identified leaders can be current or from

• Be sure to explain the different approaches through an analysis of any associated leadership theories.
• In formulating the essay, consider the following questions:
o What did your identified leaders do that made them good leaders?
o How did the two leaders differ in their approach to leadership and what was the impact of the different approaches on their followers?
o Were there differences in the way the business leader and the non-business leader operated because of their environment (business or not)?
o How would you apply the knowledge of these approaches and any associated leadership theories in your daily working life as a business leader?

1) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2) The answer must include examples from aviation experience or the web with references from relevant examples from real aviation companies. I prefere example from

Qatar Airways, Etihad airline, Emireates airline, Al Arabia Airline.


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