Posted: September 17th, 2017

Body fluid & needle sticks protocol improving process

Body fluid & needle sticks protocol improving process

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Using a researched conflict resolution model, create a presentation that will be interactive with your audience.

Your unit manager approaches you and tells you that there is an issue with the proposal you submitted to change (Body fluid /needle sticks protocol). She tells you that the administrators are arguing over what needs to be changed and why. The Chief Nurse likes your
idea and would like you to step in. Can you resolve this conflict?

1.Your audience should participate by answering questions or completing a questionnaire or discussing a topic.
2.You should present the steps in the conflict resolution model and give specific examples.
3.You should offer an on going action plan to resolve this conflict. Be creative with this.
4.You slides should be interesting and hold the attention of your audience. Try using colors, graphs, charts, and transitions to enhance your presentations.
5.should have at least 3 resources and at least 6 slides presented in APA format

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