Posted: September 17th, 2017

Breast feeding versus formula bottle feeding

Breast feeding versus formula bottle feeding

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15 peer reviewed journals no more than 5 years old. No website references.

Assessment 1 – Written Essay • Students are required to submit a written assessment based on current literature, in the format of an academic essay of 1500 words (+ / – 10% as per university policy).
• There are two essay topics to choose from- pick one only o ‘Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding’ o ‘
• Your essay needs to reflect academic writing : 1. Content expressed through well-constructed sentences. 2. Well-structured paragraphs that provide a logical flow. 3. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• You are advised to review the marking criteria to achieve maximum results for this essay.
Your assignment is to be based on a variety of scholarly sources that are relevant current and professionally recognised. Journal articles must not be more than 5 years old and you must have included a minimum of 15 journal articles as your sources

Assignment 2- Written Essay Marking Guide Criteria Mark Value Not Achieved Unsatisfactory Performance Good Excellent Exceptional Performance 0 1-2 3 4 5
Introduction to research based essay and its focus including an overview of the importance of evidence based practice and aims of the assignment. 5
Development of a discussion relating to the evidenced base for both the ‘for and against’ for the topic chosen 10
Appraisal of evidence and resources found to demonstrate the evidenced based practice 10
Cohesive argument given for recommendations of best practice identified in the selected material 10
Concluding paragraph(s): summarise main points of the assignment. Should NOT contain any new material/ideas/concepts 5
Referencing: Use of 5 refereed journals, APA guidelines; current, relevant, evidence based; credible (peer reviewed, appropriate websites); correct format for in-text and end reference list. 5 Acceptable word count (1500 +/- 10%) Correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure 5 Total Mark /50

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