Posted: September 17th, 2017

Budget Allocations

Assignment 4 – District 5 – Budget Allocations
Based upon the facts of the case study (See Appendix F) and data that your instructor will provide, you are to take the funds allotted by category and allocate those funds to the schools in District 5. You can designate the schools as follows: Elementary Schools (14) as E1, E2, …, E14; Middle School (5) as M1, M2, …, M5; and High Schools as H1, H2, and H3.
Under No Circumstances Can You Exceed Your Total Budget!
The only fund that you have with any flexibility in transferring funds from one account to another is the AT-RISK account. You can use some of the money to address at-risk needs and the remainder can be transferred to any other account to offset deficits in those accounts.
Once you have allocated the funds to each school, you should write a brief (approximately 5 pages) explanation for the rationale you used to allocate the funds. Be sure to address class size and other factors you considered when making your allocations.
The following information will help you understand the data necessary to complete the allocation of funds to the schools in District 5. You may leave a modest fund balance in your total allocation ($1.0 million or less) but you may not exceed your total allocation.

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