Posted: September 17th, 2017

Burger King

company is Burger King previous  assignments have been done with Rush Essay if needed I can upload them as well. 

This is an academic research paper of approximately 3–5 pages using APA (6th edition) format. You

may select a topic of interest to you, but it must be relevant to the course and approved by the

instructor. In particular, you should identify a topic that addresses and expands on the key concepts

of this course related to new product development and innovation. Specific key themes that could be

developed relate to topics particularly relevant to the course, such as leadership, global, ethical,

social media, or intellectual property issues that are all important in the process of new product

development and innovation.


This academic paper should be developed using course materials and information available through

the Capella University Library. You should have five or more references, and you should also consider

citing course materials including the textbook. In addition to the theoretical component, include

cases or examples that illustrate the important aspects of your research.


Your assignment will be graded on the following criteria:

•Outline a new product development process that can be applied to an organization seeking innovation

and competitive advantage.

•Demonstrate research methodology and use of references for new product development.

•Analyze issues of leadership and ethics in new product development.

•Recommend best practices that apply concepts to practice.

•Communicate in a manner that is professional and uses proper grammar, mechanics, and APA (6th

edition) citations and references.


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