Posted: September 17th, 2017

business event management

business event management

Case study report. Select three actual venues that meet the requirements for each of the scenarios. Critically analyse each venue to evaluate how their functional design relates to the operational requirements discussed in assignment part one.

three scenarios are:
a. A small conference with workshops and forums: 100–200 delegates, 10 exhibitors, conducted over 2 days.

b. A medium sized conference conducted over 3 days with opening plenary session and 6 to 8 concurrent sessions each day; and social networking activities: 600–1500 delegates, 50 exhibitors.

c. A major international 5-day conference with plenary and concurrent sessions and social networking activities each day, closing gala dinner and award ceremonies: 3,500–5,000 delegates, 400 exhibitors.

Assignment two

Task description Case study report.
From a destination city or region, select a venue that meets the requirements for scenario 1, in assignment one. From the same destination select a different venue that meets the requirements for scenario 2. From the same destination select yet another different venue that meets the requirements for scenario 3.
For each selected venue critically analyse how its spatial functional design relates to the operational requirements discussed in assignment one.
Important note: An actual destination and actual venues must be used.

Select three actual venues that have facilities that closely match the three scenarios –

For example these could be for the small event – a small conference hall or mixed purpose venue; for the medium event – a self contained conference center inside a resort or hotel; and for the large event – a major purpose built conference and exhibition center.

Identify and describe the functionality of each of the venue’s facilities used for the conducting of each different type of event activity as discussed in assignment one.

Plenary meetings, breakout and concurrent sessions, exhibitions
PCO and /or Exhibition Management Company operational management, registration desk and office.
Catering – i.e. in house kitchens, serving areas
(c) technology- Audio/video presentations, wireless/Bluetooth, video links.

(d) Social activities held in conjunction with a business event – i.e. dining rooms, cocktail bars

(e) Interaction between host organisation, delegates and attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors- i.e. quiet areas, networking spaces

(f) signage, furniture, communications

As a number of appendices, attach supporting material downloaded or obtained from each venue. These must include a floor plan with the areas described in your written work conspicuously identified. Other supporting material from the venues must also be unambiguously related to the written work. Do not simply attach as much downloaded material from a venue as you can find.

pleae ensure you select one destination and then three different venues from the same destination for three scenatios. and venues should be actual it should not be imaginary. and please provide the floor plan and other requirements.

brief about destination ( feature and why it should be selected)
venues:( discuss how it meets the spatial requiremnt, functional requirement and operational requirement)
scenario a
scenario b
scenario c

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