Posted: September 17th, 2017

Business Law

(i) Advise three friends what they should take into consideration when making up

their minds if they should set up their business as a general partnership

(unincorporated) or as a limited liability company (incorporated).

33.3% of the marks for the report

(ii) A business associate, who has taken on a new role as Operations Manager of

a small business, has asked you to help her to explain the difference between

an employee and an independent contractor to her Managing Director.

33.3% of the marks for the report

(iii) Your colleague has missed classes and asks you to help him catch up on the

European Union (EU) elements of the module. Write a short report for him,

explaining the significance of both monist and dualist legal systems and the

difference between EU Regulations and Directives.

Parts (i), (ii) and (iii) have the same weighting therefore the word count for

each part should reflect this. Allow approximately 833 words for each.

Please remember that you must provide properly referenced evidence for all of

the claims/assertions you make.

This Written Report assesses all the module leaning outcomes and represents

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