Posted: September 17th, 2017

Business letter

Embroidery shop called ( Sew It )is an embroidery shop which personalized items and make logo of companies on shirt/ towels/ any type of fabrics. this work can be done within 1-7 days depends on quantity.

Sew it shop have to send a letter for other business / shop / companies to embroider their logo on their own shirts / towels or if they want to use our shirts / towels.

this letter have to increase the sales of the embroidery shop.

in the letter we have to mention

logo charge for 1 time is 100
embroidery charge is depends on the size.
there is no minim order to do the embroidery.

This letter have to take attention of the other shops and make them come and be interested to make embroidery.

The purpose of this letter to increase sales. also it have to be mentioned the location: Jumeirah. Contact number of the manager for more details regarding the prices and quantity.
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