Posted: September 18th, 2017

Business Memo

Business Memo
• Write a 2-page, single-spaced memo with double spaces between paragraphs to someone in authority that identifies a REAL problem, explains why solving it is important, describes how other organizations have addressed similar issues and proposes a solution. You will edit it to a more concise final form in stages detailed below.
• Use tone and language appropriate to the audience, which will be the person in authority and others that person is likely to share it with.
• Identify the resources you will need to solve it, including additional research if necessary.
• Use a standard memo format based on the provided template, with no title or reference page. Use footnotes to reference research.
For references for the memo, you should be looking at news articles, business journals or any other credible source for ideas on how others have experienced, addressed or resolved the problem you are addressing or one similar to it. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. This is not a Phd thesis, but a memo to management outlining a problem, explaining why it is a problem, and suggesting possible solutions to it or, if possible, the best solution. A few references will suffice.

The office uses 4 different excel files that tracks the same thing.

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