Posted: September 17th, 2017

Business plan for a Fake company for Entrepreneurship & Innovation subject

write Business plan report for a Fake company and our business about Smart Indoor Map for Shopping Malls for Entrepreneurship & Innovation subject for 28 pages with charts, tables and graph and should include the below requirements 

Note, the business in United Arab Emirates so you have to consider all point based on UAE country you may find a lot in the Internet about UAE country.

Moreover  do a PowerPoint presentation for this report.

1. Statement of confidentiality & non-Disclosure 

2. Executive Summary

3. Business Description

• Company Summary

• Company Ownership

• Company History 

• Vision

• Mission

• Values

• Goals and Objectives 


• Critical Success Factors

4. Product and Services

• Product/Services description 

• Competitive Comparison

o Companies (Strengths &Weaknesses)

• Technology

• Unique Features and Proprietary aspects of product/ service

5. Market Analysis Summary

• Market Size

• Target Market Segment Strategy

o Market Needs

• Industry Analysis (Five Forces Analysis)

o Industry Competitors

o Buyer Bargaining Power

o Bargaining Power of Suppliers

o Threat of Substitutes

o Threat of New Entrants

• SOWT Analysis

o Opportunities

o Threats

o Strengths


o Weakness


6. Strategy and Implementation Summary

• Corporate Strategy

• Business Strategy

• Marketing Strategy

o Product/ Service

o Price

o Place

o Promotion

• Sales Strategy

o Sales Forecast

o Sales Programs

• Strategic Alliances

7. Development

• Development Strategy

• Development Timeline 

• Development Expenses 


8. Management Summary

• Organizational Structure

• Management Team


9. Financial Plan

• Important Assumptions

• Projected Balance Sheet

• Projected Income Statement

• Business Ratios

o Net Profit on Sales Ratio

o Return on Investment and Return on Equity

o Inventory and Receivable Turnovers

o Days in Inventory


10. Offering or Funding Request 

• Offer

• Capital Requirements 

• Risk/Opportunity 

• Valuation of Business 


11. Conclusions

• Linked/Integrated with Logical flow; Arising from facts; Brief; etc


12. Recommendations

• Based on Conclusions, Options; Priority; Selection; Implementation


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