Posted: July 12th, 2013

Business Plan Reflective report.

Individual Reflective Report
You are required to submit an individual reflective report (1000 words), based on your experience working in a group on your Business Plan, and incorporating feedback from your group presentation of the plan. The report should cover the different stages of the development of your plan, including idea initiation, plan development, generating the presentation and the presentation and feedback (see details below). You should aim to include academic references in your work and ensure that these are properly referenced using the Harvard system. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS ESSAY!!!!
Your reflective report should include the following elements:
1. Team Work:
The roles, specializations, and contributions of team members; the team forming process, and the efficiency of team work
2. Process of Idea Initiation:
How did you come to the idea of the business plan? How did you choose between possible ideas? Reflecting on the process of idea initiation, what have you learned?
3. Presentation Experience:
Why is it important to present the business plan instead of just submitting paper documents? What have you learned from presenting the plan to the panel?
4. Alternative Scenario:
You have predicted the growth of your business in the business plan. Looking back, do you think your prediction was optimistic, pessimistic or just about right? Have you considered alternative growth trajectories in your business plan? If not, how would the inclusion of alternative scenarios help to make a better plan?
5. Other areas:
Any other areas that you would like to comment on the process of developing the business plan. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS ESSAY!!!!

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