Posted: September 18th, 2017

Business report of Tesco (Grocery industry

This is a business report, please strictly follow the format and the description of the report need for introduction, thank you.

1. The analysis of the competitiveness of the grocery industry in British market by porter’s five forces module.– 600 words

1.1 the threat of new entrants

1.2 the bargaining power of buyers

1.3 the bargaining power of buyers

1.4 the threat of substitute products and services

1.5 the intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry

2.The analysis of the current strategic positioning of Tesco.–450 words

2.1 primary activities

2.2 support activities

3 Future strategic options that Tesco might pursue (at least 2 options)–400 words

3.1 option 1

3.2 option 2

3.3 option 3

4.Conclusion and recommendation on the best strategy for the future competitiveness. 200 words
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