Posted: September 17th, 2017

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)

Case Study 6

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Based on this unit’s reading assignment, prepare a case study analysis of not more than three pages (double-spaced text) plus exhibits. Include the following in your analysis:

Identify the key financial problem(s) for which recommendations are needed.

Summarize the key issues or factors that require analysis in order to develop recommendations.

Analyze the key issues and factors from above in detail.

Formulate recommendations that are consistent with your analysis above.

Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, APA proficient, and consistent with

expectations for members of the business professions as required in an environment of financial


You should present a clear and concise analysis within the prescribed page limitations. Note that the

page limitations do not include tables and figures, which may be included either within the body of

the paper or at the end depending on your preference.

Please refer to the Case Study 6 Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the evaluation criteria for this assignment.


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