Posted: September 17th, 2017

Canada at 100 million people?

Assignment 1—Canada at 100 million people?
Canada accepts the most immigrants per capita of any country in the world. Every decade, Canada adds the equivalent of a city the size of Montreal to the population. And yet at 35 million people, some analysts believe that Canada is too small to have a significant impact on world affairs. In 2010, Professor Irvin Studin from the University of Toronto School of Public Policy and Governance developed a proposal to increase the size of the Canadian population to 100 million. Writing in Global Policy Brief, Studin argues that at three times its current population size, Canada would be “among the most consequential. countries on Earth.”

1. Read Professor Studin’s article which puts forward his proposal to increase the size of Canada’s population to 100 million.
2. In a 3-5 page (double space) response, discuss the pros and cons of this proposal. Your response should touch on the following points:
a. What would be the impact of a dramatically larger population within Canada? Discuss the regional benefits and consequences associated with population sizes that are substantially larger than they are today.
i. Would certain regions be more significantly impacted economically or culturally? (Hint: Think about where existing migrants have tended to land, and some of the tensions that have arisen.)
ii. Are there local economic benefits to be gained by Canada having a far larger population? Would certain groups be more adversely impacted than others?
iii. How would Canadian cities be impacted if their populations grew substantially?
3. Do you think this is a proposal that has any chance of being implemented?
4. If there was a national referendum on this proposal, would you support or oppose it, and why?


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