Posted: September 14th, 2017

Cannabis Research

For this project, you will be collecting 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles from the current research in your discipline, which is business, on the solution that has been chosen to solve the problem (found in file uploaded- research proposal). For the bibliography, you are not looking for sources that help define or explain the topic, but rather sources that offer new research on how to solve or address the problem. Each article will be used as a bibliographic citation. Then, under each bibliographic citation, you should write one or two paragraphs summarizing source. A good summary should restate the main point of the article as well as the key findings and/or arguments informing that main point. You should summarize it based on how this solution solves the problem of reducing pharmaceutical costs based from a business point of view. You should also include a brief statement of why this source was chosen for the annotated bibliography. That is, what is significant about the information it offers, the findings it reports, or the perspective it brings to the problem? Remember, your audience will be the government. Your teammates will be working with you to finally write a proposal using the information found to solve the problem. One of your teammates is from the biochemistry discipline, as for the other is from the chemical engineering discipline.As such, it is important that you craft summaries that are easily understandable, but also thorough. The sources to be used will be the articles.

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